This is something to cheer for, no, wait, something to aggressively high-five your coworkers about. Edge Fest is set to make its lineup announcement within the next couple of weeks. Last year's festival will be hard to beat with LP and Tai Verdes, especially with Tai Verdes having a hit the week after the show in his song A-Ok. It was also the biggest party of August, which will most likely carry over to this August.

The announcement is coming May 12th at 9 pm, so now, all we have to do is speculate. One of the best festivals in Cheyenne and it's FREE will kick off in the West Edge on August 27th.

The post says to get excited, I'm well on my way to being elated. Whoever this artist is going to be, will have star power. Maybe not now, but they have such a good track record of finding artists that seemingly jump to stardom after this event. So, really, we're a great launching pad.

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That's why we need to make sure we don't waste all our energy at CFD this year, so a month later, we're ready to wave our arms in the air, drink some beverages and enjoy a great show.

The best part of this announcement is, I couldn't even speculate what this lineup would look like, they're so good at creating the lineup, that whoever makes their way to the stage will be better than anyone I could have guessed.

So, let's sit back and wait for that announcement in a couple of weeks.

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