The City Council will have its third and final reading of an original ordinance that would allow the Laramie Municipal Court greater flexibility in dealing with individuals accused of misdemeanor drug possession charges.

Original Ordinance No. 1967 would allow certain controlled substance defendants to qualify for first-offender treatment.

The move is intended to bring Laramie into line with state statues regarding first offender treatments for controlled substance defendants in municipal court.

Mayor Andrea Summerville said it is important for Laramie to consider this change in order to provide fairness and to give all those who have possession charges as many options to rectify their situation as soon as possible.

“It is important that we treat everyone fairly and equally,” Summerville said. “It shouldn’t matter whether someone got a citation from circuit court versus municipal court, they need the same options for resolving that case or that citation. And currently we don’t.”

Summerville said the ordinance is on the consent agenda, as no Laramie residents have spoken out about the ordinance and it has not been the subject of much controversy. She said those who have any comments on the ordinance should speak up at the beginning of tonight’s meeting, or email their city councilor today before the meeting.


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