There are many people that believe there are ghosts of Civil War soldiers at Gettysburg. A new video has gone viral as it appears this theory may be right. Or, is it?

This video has been shared many places over the past day or so including the New York Post. See what you make of it of the images that appear to run across the road in Gettysburg.

There is a big online discussion about what this video really shows. For sure on first watch, the two images are strange and do look "ghostly". I've seen people comment that they think it might be moisture going down the windshield with light reflecting through it. When I watch it with that in mind, I can see that as a possibility. But, I can't say for sure that it explains it away completely.

This isn't the only scary encounter people have had at night at Gettysburg. Many shows have been done with eyewitnesses sharing their stories.

Of all the locations in America there are few that have the rich and tragic history of Gettysburg. With so much loss of life there in the great Civil War battle, it's no surprise that many experience some intense moments there.

Do you believe this shows ghosts or is there a more natural explanation?

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