I've been there, man. Too broke to celebrate Valentine's Day the way the greeting card and chocolate companies think you should. Can't afford dinner for two at that fancy restaurant? Can't drop the cash for a dozen roses? Don't worry. Here's a special DIY project that's easy to accomplish, and will make you look like you care enough to make something by hand this V-Day. And that's the best Valentine's gift of all: Showing you care.

The video, from a former prison inmate, shows how he used to make roses out of jolly ranchers for his family and friends as a way of showing them that he cared and was thinking about them. All you have to do is warm up the jolly ranchers enough to make them pliable, form them into petals, and stick them to the skewer before they set.

At your local grocery store, the total cost of about a dozen of these hand-made, tasty roses comes to about $10-$15, depending on if you decide to wrap them in plastic or leave them uncovered for effect.

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