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40 Percent of Americans Would Give Up Their Dog Over Their Phone

More than 1,000 avid smartphone users in the U.S. were surveyed to see just how much they'd give up to keep their phone. According to results, 40 percent of Americans would rather say goodbye to their pet for a month instead of their phone. The same survey found that 44 percent of American smartphone users would also rather keep their phone than see their significant other for a month! (via People)

Woman Leads Cop on High Speed Chase, Tries to Convince Him to Let Her Poop

A 28-year old Oklahoma woman named Emily Owings led a police officer in a high speed chase. She was originally stopped for not wearing a seat belt, but once the officer realized he might have to bring Owings in, she listed off many excuses for him to let her go, claiming it was her birthday and, more importantly, that she had to go number two really bad! Once the officer told her he needed to bring her in due to her previous legal troubles, Owings took off before eventually being stopped and arrested. She was brought in on charges of reckless driving, possession of drug paraphernalia and other offenses. (via TMZ)

A Socially Distant Halloween 

As spooky season comes upon us, people are trying to find safe ways to celebrate while staying socially distant. One idea? A ghost on a zip line that carries candy from the porch to the sidewalk. What idea do you have? (via TMZ)

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