Calling all teachers - the funniest night of your life is coming in April 2024!

There's no shortage of funny moments and satirical experiences in teaching. The squad of comedians from Bored Teachers Studios will bring all the humor of being a teacher to the Cheyenne Civic Center stage on Thursday, April 18.

Is This a Teacher's-Only Show?

Is this a show just for teachers? Heck no! I'm not a teacher, and I find their content hilarious. (I may or may not be fangirling a tad bit because I follow the Bored Teachers on TikTok.) If you've ever sat in a classroom, have kids in school, or just like a good laugh, this show is for you.

Tickets and Show Details:

Pre-sale tickets go on sale September 28. The general sale kicks off on Friday, September 29. Find more info on tickets here.

Who Are the Comedians on the Bored Teacher Tour?

The team behind Bored Teachers Studios features a top-notch lineup of hilarious educators. These teachers are ready to give you a pop quiz on how to laugh:

Devin Siebold

Devin Siebold has won a slew of comedy awards, including the 2015 iHeartMedia Monsters in the Morning Comedian of the Year and the Boston World Series of Comedy. Find samples of his content here.

KC Mack

KC Mack is a comedian and high school teacher whose skits focus on teacher life. Find samples of his work here.

Tell Williams

Tell Williams' Instagram describes him as a teacher, therapist, and comedian. He expresses real-life problems and teaching realities in his skits. Find his work here.

Vinny Thomas

Vinny Thomas is an English teacher who moved from the U.K. to the U.S. Many of his skits compare education between the two countries. Discover his videos here.

Jess Merill

Jess Merill brings fresh, funny takes on teaching to the table. Check out her work here.

Gerry Brooks

Gerry Brooks is a seasoned educator and education administrator who also dabbles in comedy and public speaking. Learn more about Gerry here.

Andrea Caspari

Missouri-based educator Andrea Caspari has the wit and wisdom that'll have you laughing for hours. Find her work here.

Jared Waters

Jared Waters is a stand-up comedian who came to the U.S. from Brunssum, The Netherlands. Waters teaches kindergarten in NYC. Check out his work here.

Mike Rivera

Mike Rivera brings an impressive resume to the table - he's won America's Most Hilarious Teacher on ABC's The View and produced hilarious content featuring treatable moments for years. Find samples of his work here.

Leslie Rob

Leslie Rob is an educator and award-winning comedian specializing in public speaking. Discover her unique humor here.

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