LARAMIE -- Yesterday we talked about NCAA Tournament victories for Wyoming and the rest of the Mountain West.

Today, let's look at conference success for the Pokes.

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Not counting tournament championships, the Cowboys have claimed 21 conference titles in their history, which began back in 1904. If you want to throw tournament crowns in the mix, UW has three of those, too. But, for this story, let's just stick to the regular season. It's much easier to go on a mini win streak in March than it is to be consistent throughout the season anyway, right?

How does 21 banners compare to current Mountain West Conference teams?

Air Force: 1

Boise State: 6

Colorado State: 4

Fresno State: 5

Nevada: 23

New Mexico: 11

San Diego State: 23

San Jose State: 0

UNLV: 12

Utah State: 16

Wyoming: 21

If you want to get real technical here, Wyoming actually leads the league in this category. Thirteen of the Aztecs regular season crowns came in a lower division. Nevada claimed 10 titles in the Division II ranks.


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Let's take a look at Wyoming's all-time records against its MWC foes:

Air Force: Wyoming leads 80-41

Boise State: Wyoming trails 14-19

Colorado State: Wyoming leads 136-100

Fresno State: Wyoming trails 12-21

Nevada: Wyoming leads 17-9

New Mexico: Wyoming trails 69-76

San Diego State: Wyoming trails 41-47

San Jose State: Wyoming leads 18-2

UNLV: Wyoming trails 19-41

Utah State: Wyoming leads 51-34

That's an overall record of 457-390 for the Pokes.

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