Doting dad Kane Brown loves sharing personal glimpses into his happy home life with his wife and daughter, and his latest will have fans saying, "Awww!" out loud despite themselves. The country singer turned to social media to share an adorable clip of himself and his baby girl, Kingsley, having a "wrestling match" — and the high point of it is probably her sweet little laughter.

Brown posted the clip below on Wednesday (July 14), showing himself play-wrestling with Kingsley. It begins with her on his back, but he very carefully rolls her around to where she is facing him, whereupon she exclaims, "Yay!" and begins to lightly slap his face.

"Kane, don't let her do that!" we hear Brown's wife, Katelyn, protest from behind the camera as he turns and makes a hilarious "shocked" face.

He soon regains control of the situation, though, playfully putting her on her back for a round of tickling accompanied by "monster" sounds as she giggles nonstop. Katelyn is also heard laughing at the fun moment, which drew delighted responses from Brown's Instagram followers:

Brown married Katelyn Jae in October of 2018, and the couple welcomed Kingsley Rose Brown in October of 2019. Her infectious laugh has made fans smile before, in a video where Brown is lifting her and in another where he pretends to fall over and over again while she keeps on laughing.

Brown also spent part of his pandemic downtime pranking his wife in various ways, but he's been taking care of business, too. His upcoming Blessed & Free Tour will focus on NBA arenas beginning in October, and his recent duet with Chris Young, "Famous Friends," reached No. 1 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart.

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