The City of Laramie Landfill will be changing operations at the entrance and opening on Sunday, June 14. This is due to the severe damages that were done to trees and the fulling of special drop off areas related to the snowstorm on June 8.

The Landfill Staff will have a pass-through land for green waste and a closer location for drop off.

Along with these operational changes, the landfill will open on Sunday, June 14, from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

If there are trees on your property due to the heavy snow and winds from the June 8 snowstorm, the City of Laramie asks that you move them out of the street or public walkway if you are able to do so safely. If not, please make arrangements for them to be removed.

For more information please direct calls to the Solid Waste Division at 307.721.5279.

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