The City of Laramie has several construction projects in the works for the summer.

Karen Tangeman, engineering technician for the Public Works department, said while some of the projects are slated to be completed in the fall, their start dates had not yet been determined.  She said the city would be providing updates as soon as they were available.

The construction projects include:

  • The Harney Street viaduct project on 3rd and Harney Street will continue through the summer and is expected to be completed by the fall of 2018. Currently Harney Street West of 3rd Street is closed, along with Railroad Street east of Cedar Street and the portion of Snowy Range Road between Cedar St and Garfield St.
  • Reconstruction of 15th Street between the I-80 Bridge and Bill Nye Avenue, in order to upgrade water and sewer lines, is set to begin in June. The project will be completed this fall.
  • 18th Street between Rainbow Ave. and Sheridan St. will be undergoing construction to upgrade the water and sewer lines as well, the Laramie City Council will discuss the construction contract in their meeting Tuesday, May 16. The project will be completed in the fall.
  • Grand Avenue between 13th Street and 15th Street will undergo construction this summer while the city upgrades the water lines, the project will be finished by the fall.
  • The Mitchell Street water line replacement project will be located between 15th Street and 18th Street and will be completed in the fall.
  • The waterlines on 11th street will be upgraded Russel St. and Steele St. and will be completed in the fall.
  • 2nd Street from Hancock Street and Canby Street and Canby Street from 2nd Street to 6th Street will be under construction for upgrades to the water and sewer lines there and will be completed this fall.

Upgrades to Third Street are in the works, however are not scheduled to take place until 2020 and will coincide with the Wyoming Department of Transportation’s Third Street resurfacing project.

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