Fans of the LoCash Cowboys may do a double-take when the duo's new single begins. 'Best Seat in the House' is Chris Lucas' tribute to his late father, and it's more emotional than the party rockers have ever been. Dads may weep during this ballad. 

Gone is the thick production that painted previous singles like 'C.O.U.N.T.R.Y' and 'Here Comes Summer.' A gentle piano is all that accompanies the vocalists during this showcase.

"I can see you every time I close my eyes and I feel you in my heart and I hear you in my mind / Saying I'm right here when things get rough and when I fall down you still pick me up / Remind me how everything's gonna be just fine," they sing during the first verse.

The tempo picks up slightly when the chorus kicks in, but Lucas' emotion is never compromised. He bares his heart on this song: "From my first step in my living room / To all the little league games it was always you / On the front row, lettin' everybody know / That's my boy just watch him go / You were shotgun when you taught me how / To drive that truck on the edge of town / I know somewhere just above the clouds / You still got the best seat in the house."

'Best Seat in the House' is a left turn from what the duo had released previously, as well as songs they've written for other artists (like 'Truck Yeah' for Tim McGraw). Lucas and Preston Brust are no doubt hoping the new style opens them up to new fans while giving longtime supporters something new to think about.

Why Fans Will Love It: Country fans love songs that make them cry, and this song is built to do just that. 'Best Seat in the House' is real.

Key Lyrics: "From where you're sittin' I bet you're gettin' a pretty good laugh / Watchin' me try to cut a path from a boy to a family man / Sometimes I don't know what to do, but I make it through / Cause I just do what I think you'd do / It's like you're holdin' my hand"

Did You Know?: One of the guys from LoCash has a get-out-of-jail-free card for the state of New York. During an interview at the Taste of Country Music Festival, the duo seemed confident it would work.

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