The Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming (GSMW) have announced a new variety of cookies to be added to the traditional lineup as they look to gear up for the 2022 Girl Scout Cookie season.

Let's be honest, everyone loves cookies! And now there is a new cookie to add along with your traditional order of your favorite Girl Scout cookies. The new cookies are known as Adventurefuls. Check out what the new Adventurefuls in the picture below.

NBC NebScottsbluff via Twitter
NBC NebScottsbluff via Twitter

Based on the description of the new cookie, it tastes just like it looks! According to a press release, the new Adventurefuls are a brownie-inspired cookie topped with caramel-flavored creme. They also have a hint of sea salt just to make things a little sweeter. The name of the cookie resembles the 'taste adventure' one my get and is also said to be similar to that of the 'adventures' that Girl Scouts have when out selling their delicious cookies.

The new variety of Girl Scout cookie joins Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs (my favorite), Do-si-dos, Trefoils, Girl Scout S’mores, Lemon-Ups, and the gluten-free variety, Toffee-tastics.

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Based on those pictures, it's looking like the new Adventurefuls will be well worth the wait. Boxes of Girl Scout cookies in Wyoming and Montana can be purchased for $4 per box, including the new Adventurefuls, aside from the specialty varieties which will sell for $5 per box.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until February 4th before we can order any of the delicious cookies we would love to indulge on, but of course that's the case with every year. You can also sign up to be notified as soon as Girl Scout cookies, including Adventurefuls, are available to order at

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