The Little America Hotel and Resort is a favorite for visitors, but not the kind that need to be tranquilized and relocated, like a yearling bull moose.

Tuesday mornig reported that Monday around 7:30 A.M. a moose was spotted out on the golf course at Little America. “FORE!”

Wyoming Game and Fish game warden Shawn Blajszczak and Wheatland wildlife biologist Martin Hicks explained that moose sometimes follow Crow Creek down from Pole Mountain, and become overwhelmed, not able to find their way home.

It's rare a moose is seen around Cheyenne, but a similar situation did occur in June of 2007 when three young moose – a cow and two yearling bulls – made their way onto the golf course at Little America.

It was reported by that they wandered around the first three holes, took a dip in a pond, got a drink, then rested. Again, it was Game and Fish to the rescue, mentioning the moose probably came from the Pole Mountain area.

They had traffic at the Little America gas station jammed up, and golfers got routed a few holes off track.

And what is that little disclaimer we love to hear when stories like these end? In this case it's, "Neither the animals, nor any golfers, were hurt." posted video of the moose’s release at Pole Mountain online at

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