It's time to start putting a plan together for mommy dearest.

The big day is fast approaching. I'm talking about Mother's Day. And although every day is a great day to celebrate mom, she'll be looking for you to do something on May 9. Of course, she'll never say she's expecting something from you, but she totally is.

And you should totally spoil mom.

After all, she birthed you, raised you, loved you, cheered you on, listened to all of your boy trouble, cooked the meals, made the beds, and so on and so on. She's done a lot and a little bit of recognition goes a long way. Oh, and if you have a mom in your life, like the one you had kids with, you should honor her too.

Perhaps brunch is a great idea.

Now, I might be a little biased because I brunch just about every other weekend, but I think a delicious meal is always a great way to celebrate anything. Plus, who doesn't love brunch? It's sweet, it's savory, it's boozy... it's everything.

So we rounded up a list of the top brunch places in Cheyenne according to reviews on Yelp.

1. Luxury Diner
1401 W Lincolnway

2. R&B Breakfast Club
2102 E Lincolnway

3. Paramount Ballroom
1609 Capitol Ave

4. Rib & Chop House
400 W Lincolnway

5. Epic Egg Restaurants
2300 Carey Ave

Any of these places would be a great place to take mom. We recommend you make a reservation now because we're pretty sure these places will fill up fast. Everyone is looking to spoil mom, especially with this pandemic.

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