At 7:33 a.m. Wyoming Highway Patrol received a call of an accident that happened at Wyoming boulevard and McKinley street between a 2017 blue GMC sierra truck and a 2007 red Honda motorcycle.

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According to highway patrol, the truck was attempting making a left turn onto McKinley street, and crashed into the motorcycle, instead of giving them the right of way.

While there was minimal damage done to the front end of the truck, the motorcycle was totaled and its rider, a 39 year old man, was taken to the Wyoming Medical Center, with two broken arms, though he is not expected to stay overnight.

According to the drivers, at the time of the accident the truck was going about 20 miles per hour, while the motorcycle was going 40 mph.

The truck driver, a 59 year old man, said he felt bad for the accident and did not intend for it to happen.

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