As winter rolls into Wyoming (or - you know - blows its way into Wyoming), I start looking forward to the sights, sounds and smells of the holidays. And here in my family, one of the things I look forward to most is the return of the Nachos Navidad at Taco Johns. I mean - it's practically a holiday institution. So, I was already super pumped for the return of those cheerful holiday nachos, but I just found out that when I chow down on the delicious dish, I'm also donating to local charities.

Uh, can you say WIN-WIN?!

In a press release from Taco Johns, the company confirmed that a portion of proceeds from every order of Nachos Navidad sold through December 29 goes to a local charity of a franchise's choice. No need to twist my arm; I'll happily munch on melty-cheesy-nacho-y goodness to support local charities.

What Local Charities Are Taco Johns Donating To?

This year, Taco Johns announced that the proceeds from Nachos Navidad are going to charities that include the #4Mak charity here in Cheyenne, Toys for Tots, local food banks, and more. How cool is that? You get to enjoy a festive treat and feel extra happy knowing your purchase is helping out your community.

Haven't Had a Nachos Navidad? Here's What It Is:

Okay, I won't judge you if you haven't tried the Nachos Navidad. I'll just say it's a fantastic mix of green, red, and yellow chips topped with all the fixin's - American beef, melty cheese, nacho cheese (so much cheese!), tomatoes, guac, sour cream, and refried beans - the works!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a craving for nachos to fill.


¡Feliz Navidad próspero año y felicidad para todos ustedes!

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