Throughout the entire month of March, Taco John's announced that at all five of their Cheyenne locations, they will be accepting donations for Friends of Youth Alternatives. The announcement was made today (March 1st) in a press release.

The Friends of Youth Alternatives organization is a non-profit that focuses on keeping Cheyenne based youth between the ages of 5 and 17 out of the criminal justice system. The organization does this by way of counseling, support, and intervention. The services of Youth Alternatives are free and they never turn away any one person or family. According to their website, their official mission is:

To intervene in the lives of young people at an impressionable stage in their emotional growth and development when positive behaviors are more easily formed

In partnering with Youth Alternatives, Taco John's will help them raise funds that will go towards the year-end fundraising goal of $50,000 as it's the 50th anniversary for the Youth Alternatives organization.

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All customers are encouraged to round up on their purchase to the nearest whole dollar amount as 100 percent of all donations received by Taco John's will go directly to Friends of Youth Alternatives.

Taco John's is certainly no stranger to partnering with local organizations to help out the Cheyenne community. They recently did just that with the Friday Food Bag Foundation as they helped them raised over $24,000 that will go towards thousand of nutritious meals for school children throughout Laramie County. Taco John's is also encouraging local Cheyenne based businesses to support many worthy charitable organizations throughout 2021.

The five Taco John's locations are listed below:

  •  3411 E. Pershing Blvd.
  • ·3308 Dell Range Blvd.
  • ·2220 Carey Ave.
  •  5421 Yellowstone Rd.
  • ·101 S. Greeley Hwy.

Get out and purchase some Taco John's at any of those locations and in the process, help out Friends of Youth Alternatives!

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