The latest phone scam being reported in Wyoming features bogus U.S. Marshals calling people up and demanding immediate payment for alleged back taxes.

According to Uinta County Law Enforcement Services, the caller claims the intended victim has a federal warrant out for their arrest but claims they can clear everything up by making an immediate payment. In some cases, the caller also threatens the victim with the cancellation of their Social Security card.

The person is told they will be arrested unless immediate payment is made either via a cashier's check or a Green Dot debit card. There are several red flags with this scam, starting with the fact that a real U.S. Marshall would not call you up and demand money to pay any kind of fine.

The Marshalls Service also has no authority to cancel your Social Security card.

Finally, taxpayers who owe the federal government money would be contacted by the Internal Revenue Service, which always makes initial contact in such cases by mail, not a phone call.

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