LARAMIE -- Yes, we are going to attempt the impossible.

I'm sure you will have objections throughout, but also hope you'll enjoy our newest summer series as four guys who are in the know join me in naming the Top 50 football players in Wyoming history.

Originally, this series was set to begin Monday, May 31. Instead, because of the holiday weekend, we will kick it off Monday, June 7. Really excited to have Robert Gagliardi, Ryan Thorburn, Jared Newland and Kevin McKinney join me on this selection panel.

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I thought it was important to have the guys listed above help me compile a list like this. McKinney has been around UW football since the 70's. Gags covered the Pokes for nearly three decades. Thorburn has done extensive research on Cowboy athletics for the four books he has written. He also covered the program for the Branding Iron and Casper Star-Tribune. Newland has worn many hats, from being a student manager to working in the sports information office to the Cowboy Joe Club to the UW Athletics Hall of Fame committee.

This list may not be perfect, but it's coming from guys who know a thing or two.

We decided to go about this by first having all five of us come up with our own list of 50. We met up twice to discuss and debate who should stay and go from our lists before averaging out the numbers to come up with the ultimate selections.

In other words, we picked our players and let the computer do the rest. Think BCS.

I personally called a number of former UW players to get their opinions on former teammates. Heard some great stories and got some great insight.

When the dust settled, there were some prominent names that did not land in our Top 50. At first glance, a couple are cringe worthy and you can't help but ask how in the world they didn't make the cut. However, that just shows how much talent has come through this program in its history. It's truly remarkable.

We really hope you will enjoy this series and have fun debating with us and fellow Cowboys fans.

In the meantime, I leave you with this "simple" question: Who is the best player in Wyoming football history? Now, take the next 49 on that.

It's not easy.

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