The race for Wyoming's lone seat in congress is one that has drawn national attention

Incumbent Republican Liz Cheney has drawn the ire of President Trump and his supporters by voting to impeach Trump in January and then engaging in an ongoing war of words with the former president. Cheney has accused Trump of inciting the Jan. 6 riots in Washington D.C. and of lying by saying he really won the 2020 presidential election despite the official vote count showing he was defeated by Democrat Joe Biden.

Trump has called Cheney, among other things, a RINO [Republican In Name Only] and a war-monger, and predicting that she will lose her re-election bid. Trump earlier this month endorsed Cheyenne Attorney Harriet Hageman, a one-time Cheney advisor.

Hageman, who opposed Trump in his 2016 presidential run, now says she was fooled into believing things about him that are not true. She also says Cheney has betrayed Wyoming in her opposition to Trump.

State Senator Anthony Bouchard of Cheyenne meanwhile, a conservative firebrand in the Wyoming Legislature, has called Cheney and Hageman 'BFFs" and is continuing his candidacy.

At least three candidates are known to have dropped out of the race to unseat Cheney after Trump endorsed Hageman. They include state Representative Chuck Gray, Cheyenne Attorney Darrin Smith, and Bryan Miller of Sheridan.

So who do you support? Or do you know yet?

The status of some other candidates is not entirely clear, and with the primary not until August of next year, there is still time for other candidates to get into the race, including some Democrats.

But Wyoming has not sent a Democrat to Congress since Teno Roncalio of Rock Springs retired in 1978.

So who do you support? Or perhaps you are hoping someone else will get in the race? Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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