Television food creative and The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond and her husband, Ladd, are taking a much-needed vacation together after a bumpy start to the year. Drummond was eager to share trip photos with fans, because as she recounts, their time away almost didn't happen after Ladd was involved in a head-on collision in March, and they had to postpone their trip.

However, after all that Ree and the entire Drummond family have endured in watching him heal from a broken neck, she's grateful to have this time. The couple ditched their Oklahoma ranch for the more scenic mountains of Vail, Colo.

"So my answer to the question 'How happy are you to be in Colorado with your husband right now?'" Drummond writes on Instagram alongside a selfie of the two of them, "Would most definitely be this: Happy. So very, very, extremely, through-the-roof, over the moon happy."

Of course when you're a professional cook and have your own television show about all things food, there's no way you can go on vacation without indulging in local cuisine. The Pioneer Woman put the saying "go big or go home” to the test, posing a picture of herself scarfing down a massive smoked turkey leg on a balcony.

"Ladies who lunch," she writes alongside the tasty meal.

In a post on her official blog, she further details their trip, raving about the food they've been eating and the prep work Ladd had to complete on the ranch before they could leave.

"In order for Ladd to be able to make it on this trip, he had to get all his hay cut, baled, and hauled (a two-week process), and he had to wean a bunch of calves, ship some cattle, and tie up a few other loose ranching ends," Drummond explains. "So the past three weeks on the ranch have been nonstop for the dude, starting at 4AM and going into the heat of the day ... but we knew that on Sunday, July 18, if everything got done, he and I could blaze out the door and drive to Vail.”

While their trip seems to have been focused on reconnecting as a couple, the parents of five didn't skimp on the fun, either — Ree shared a funny video as she attempted to race her husband up the stairs, letting fans know that they're both fairly competitive.

“Ladd and I are weirdly competitive. Not with anything that matters, but definitely with dumb things like racing each other up a random flight of stairs while on vacation,” she notes while sharing this video:

“Usually I have no hope of beating him unless I decide to start the race without informing him that there is a race. Today he was nice enough to open the door for me and I used it as my chance to get a head start," she says.

Ree and Ladd have been married since 1996. The couple's daughter, Alex, married her longtime boyfriend in June, and Ladd was able to remove his neck brace to dance with his daughter.

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