The Wyoming Highway Patrol is asking for your vote in this year's "Best Looking Cruiser" contest.

Put on by the American Association of State Troopers and now in its eighth year, the contest is a friendly competition between state police agencies to see who will land in a calendar for the following year.

Voting opened yesterday, July 20, and runs through noon (EST) on Aug. 3.

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Below are the photos that were submitted for this year's contest.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency's Highway Patrol

<strong>Alabama Law Enforcement Agency's Highway Patrol</strong>

Alaska State Troopers

<strong>Alaska State Troopers</strong>

Arizona Department of Public Safety

<strong>Arizona Department of Public Safety</strong>

Arkansas State Police

<strong>Arkansas State Police</strong><br><br>

California Highway Patrol

<strong>California Highway Patrol</strong>

Colorado State Patrol

<strong>Colorado State Patrol</strong><br><br>

Delaware State Police

<strong>Delaware State Police</strong>

Florida Highway Patrol

<strong>Florida Highway Patrol</strong>

Georgia State Patrol

<strong>Georgia State Patrol</strong>

Idaho State Police

<strong>Idaho State Police</strong>

Illinois State Police

<strong>Illinois State Police</strong>

Indiana State Police

<strong>Indiana State Police</strong>

Iowa State Patrol

<strong>Iowa State Patrol</strong>

Kansas Highway Patrol

<strong>Kansas Highway Patrol</strong>

Kentucky State Police

<strong>Kentucky State Police</strong>

Louisiana State Police

<strong>Louisiana State Police</strong>

Maine State Police

<strong>Maine State Police</strong>

Massachusetts State Police

<strong>Massachusetts State Police</strong>

Michigan State Police

<strong>Michigan State Police</strong>

Minnesota State Patrol

<strong>Minnesota State Patrol</strong>

Mississippi Highway Patrol

<strong>Mississippi Highway Patrol</strong>

Missouri State Highway Patrol

<strong>Missouri State Highway Patrol</strong>

Montana Highway Patrol

<strong>Montana Highway Patrol</strong>

Nebraska State Patrol

<strong>Nebraska State Patrol</strong>

Nevada Highway Patrol

<strong>Nevada Highway Patrol</strong>

New Hampshire State Police

<strong>New Hampshire State Police</strong>

New Jersey State Police

<strong>New Jersey State Police</strong>

New Mexico State Police

<strong>New Mexico State Police</strong>

New York State Police

<strong>New York State Police</strong>

North Carolina Highway Patrol

<strong>North Carolina Highway Patrol</strong>

North Dakota Highway Patrol

<strong>North Dakota Highway Patrol</strong>

Ohio State Highway Patrol

<strong>Ohio State Highway Patrol</strong>

Oklahoma Highway Patrol

<strong>Oklahoma Highway Patrol</strong>

Oregon State Police

<strong>Oregon State Police</strong>

Pennsylvania State Police

<strong>Pennsylvania State Police</strong>

South Carolina Highway Patrol

<strong>South Carolina Highway Patrol</strong>

South Dakota Highway Patrol

<strong>South Dakota Highway Patrol</strong>

Tennessee Highway Patrol

<strong>Tennessee Highway Patrol</strong>

Texas Department of Public Safety

<strong>Texas Department of Public Safety</strong>

Utah Highway Patrol

<strong>Utah Highway Patrol</strong>

Vermont State Police

<strong>Vermont State Police</strong>

Virginia State Police

<strong>Virginia State Police</strong>

Washington State Patrol

<strong>Washington State Patrol</strong>

West Virginia State Police

<strong>West Virginia State Police</strong>

Wisconsin State Patrol

<strong>Wisconsin State Patrol</strong>

Wyoming Highway Patrol

<strong>Wyoming Highway Patrol</strong>

To cast your vote for which state you think has the best-looking cruiser, click here.

The winner will be presented with the "Best Looking Cruiser Award" and featured on the cover of the AAST’s “America's Best Looking Trooper Cruisers 2022 Wall Calendar."

The calendars will be available for purchase at beginning Oct. 1. Sales will beneft with the AAST Foundation, which provides educational scholarships to dependents of member troopers.

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