Texas Hill are asking fans and followers to keep an eye out for their equipment and merch trailer after it was stolen from Nashville's Sylvan Park neighborhood on Tuesday (July 20). The trio's Craig Wayne Boyd shared the details on Facebook, imploring people to keep an eye out for the missing trailer.

According to Boyd — who formed Texas Hill with former American Idol contestant Casey James and fellow former The Voice contestant Adam Wakefield in 2020 — Texas Hill's trailer contained "our drum vaults, our guitar vault, our Behringer in-ear rack with three Shure IEMs and all of our Audio-Technica USA microphones ... and all of our vocal mics, a few guitars, ALL our merch."

That may not be everything, either: Boyd writes that, at the time he shared the post, he was "still trying to put together the list."

Boyd's post includes photos of the black, 12-foot, double-axle Trailer, Inc., carry-on trailer. Its license plate is U852505, and it's registered in Tennessee.

"If anyone sees anything running around town right now please let us know …," he says. "I am at a loss …"

Boyd, James and Wakefield came together as Texas Hill after playing several shows together, but not as a trio. Though their time on TV singing competitions gives them a common background, their partnership, James says, "is based on the music, 100 percent."

Texas Hill began playing together in 2019, but didn't rush to formalize their partnership so they could, Wakefield says, "really have a clear picture of the sound and the vibe of the band before we decided to announce it."

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