It wasn't a somber affair at the Rod Miller Election Night party, held at the Historic Laramie Train Depot in Laramie. There was lively music, dancing, drinks, and a lot of conversation. As the numbers came in throughout the night, projected up on a screen near the old ticketing office, the congressional hopeful took the stage to say a few words. His message was to all of the young voters that came out in droves for his campaign.

"By all means don't get discouraged. Politics is crazy stuff. Stay in there," Miller said in an interview after the results came in. "If you are thinking about running for office, let me know and I'll help you."

Rod says that, while he had a great time campaigning, it's not something he plans to do again, but he hopes that his run for the US House of Representatives against the incumbent, Liz Cheney, will inspire the next generation of political candidates in the Cowboy State.

"No," Miller said emphatically when asked if he would run again. "I had an absolute ball doing this, I'm glad I did it, but I'm never gonna do it again in my life. Not because I didn't have fun, but really, the last thing Wyoming needs to elect is another old white guy. I wanna help someone else take over."

Miller kept the air of optimism for the future going throughout the night in the train depot, stopping to take pictures,

"The numbers didn't turn out our way this evening, but there's a lot of enthusiasm among young voters, a lot of whom voted for the first time this year and became politically active so I have great confidence that eventually things will change," Miller said. "I may not be the guy to do it, but I'm going to help whoever is."

The platforms that Miller ran on that most resonated with young voters included his view on public lands, as well as his refusal to take super-PAC campaign financing, or to let anyone "buy his vote."

"This is our democracy, this is our process," Rod said, impassioned. "This doesn't belong to the mega wealthy or the political power structure."

Miller was defeated in Tuesday Night's republican primary by Liz Cheney, who has held the at-large office since 2016. Miller, when asked if he would say anything to his opponent, said he would like to tell her "Thank you."

"Liz ran a classy and clean campaign, some of the other races this year got a little dirty and a little greasy and we stayed above that, which I think something that the voters want and appreciate, and I do personally, so thank you Liz!"


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