Next to Thai Spice in downtown Laramie, a new shop opened about a week ago that wants to make the world a little more artistic. Sagebrush Tattoo is a venture of 13-year veteran tattoo artist, Garth Wessel, who hopes his shop will be a hub of creativity and art for the Laramie community.

Wessel moved to Laramie with his wife as she works on her PhD at the University of Wyoming. "Originally, my wife was going to do her research on sagebrush on the plains, so the name just stuck," Wessel says about the decision to call his shop Sagebrush Tattoo.

At the moment, the shop only has one tattoo artist, the owner and proprietor himself, but he hopes to expand it as the business continues. He also hopes to eventually bring art nights to the narrow shop on Third Street and give Laramie artists a chance to showcase their work.

Of course, every artist has an answer to the common question: "What's the weirdest tattoo you've ever had to work on?" Garth laughs, and says in his line of work, weird is his new normal and he loves it.

Check out Sagebrush Tattoo, brand new to the downtown Laramie community and located at 204D S. 3rd Street.

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