No matter how you try, you can't pull one over on the people who know you best. Singer-songwriter Sam Williams sings about the times we try -- and fail -- to do so, and the desire to break away from those familiar patterns, in his new song, "Can't Fool Your Own Blood."

Co-written by Williams with Mary Gauthier and Jaimee Harris, "Can't Fool Your Own Blood" "is about living with adversity ... [and] being a pattern-breaker and taking control of your own life," the artist shares. Tommy Cecil produced the track, which speaks of a mother who's turned back to alcohol and the emotions that decision awakens in her child.

The song's melody builds to each chorus, Williams' voice aching as he sings, "You can lie to a liar / Go ahead and flame the fire / Burn down everything you love / You can steal from a thief / I’ll act like I believe / But you can’t fool your own blood."

"I sing about family drama that we all experience and grapple with," Williams continues. "One thing that will never serve you well is lying to someone you love. That can only lead to turmoil ... Being at war with oneself is the greatest battle."

Williams knows a thing or two about family drama: He's the son of Hank Williams Jr. and the grandson of the late Hank Williams, both Country Music Hall of Famers with their own story-filled pasts. His half-siblings are Hank III, Holly and Hillary Williams, all musicians, too.

"You get the good and all the bad; it’s genetics," Williams told The Boot in 2019 of being part of his family. "So, I got a voice, a perspective, as well as a long line of demons to fight. Luckily, I have some people watching over me.”

In 2020, Williams released the new songs "Shuteye" and "The World: Alone," the latter in tribute to his late sister, Katie Williams, who died over the summer in a car accident. He's got additional new music coming this year, too.

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