Friday, June 4th is National Donut Day and there is absolutely no other way to celebrate National Donut Day than stopping by your local donut shop for some good sweet, and tasty pastries. So what is your favorite place for donuts in Cheyenne? Here are some recommendations...

It's very unfortunate that earlier this spring, Dad's Donuts had to close its doors because they would certainly be on this shortlist of recommendations. We hope that at some point in the future, perhaps they may be able to come back and that, that hope isn't just wishful thinking.

That being said, there are certainly some spots throughout the Cheyenne community to check out for National Donut Day.

  • Delectable Donuts, at 2543 E. Lincolnway, came recommended at the top of a few lists of rated donut shops in Cheyenne, including Best Things Wyoming. Here's what they had to say about the joint:

Every day, well before sunrise, this Cheyenne establishment hums to life, embarking on the necessarily labor-intensive process of crafting doughnuts. Simply a logo set over plain black, the nondescript sign is indicative of the real focus here: the doughnuts. There’re no frills here, sans delicious sweets with elegantly unpretentious toppings, served by smiling bakers. All the classics are here (long johns, glazed, fritters, jellied, et al) with seasonal specials offered during holidays and town events. Opening at 4 a.m., this shop is dedicated to giving that hot black coffee and still-warm doughnut experience to fuel the everyman’s every day.


  • The Donut Shop on Central, which is located at 416 Central Avenue, and has wide variety of donuts, apple fritters, bear claws and so much more. If you go to their Facebook page, on their post about National Donut Day, the first comment you will see on their post literally says, "And you make the BEST donuts ever." So there's another establishment to check out for National Donut Day.
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  • Daylight Donuts, at 901 E. Lincolnway, is another recommendation to check out for National Donut Day. Sure, it is a chain donut shop, but a respectable one at that. They also showed up at Best Things Wyoming's list of best donut shops. Here's what they said to expect from Daylight Donuts:

Daylight handcrafts all the classics, the glazed and the sprinkled and jelly-filled, and does its best to stay ahead of the curve with trendy flavors. This includes the more unique creations not found at other bakers’, like cake doughnuts and sausage-filled rolls.

There they are. Three main donut joints in Cheyenne to feast on for National Donut Day. Of course, try not to fill up on donuts either because tomorrow happens to be National Cheese Day, so a whole other thing to celebrate. I would suggest not to do both in the same meal, but that's up to you. Happy National Donut Day, everyone!

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