A Dubois, Wyoming family got a close up view of a bear who may not understand that he's a bear. He developed a special relationship with the bird feeder on their back deck.

This special bear moment happened in Dubois just a couple days ago.

It's no surprise that this bear went after the hummingbird feeder. If you have one, you know these things are packed with sweet sugar water. That's practically a flashing neon sign that says "hey bears, you need to come over here to our deck".

The family mentioned that they regularly see black bears, grizzlies, mountain lions, elk, moose, mule deer, whitetail deer, fox, coyotes, wolves and just about every other kind of wildlife, too.

There's also the fact that bears will attempt to eat just about anything they can smell. Bird feeders make convenient snack stops.

This Colorado bear even decided to take the bird feeder with him.

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