Are you jetting off somewhere to stay with relatives over the holidays?  Many of you will be waking up on Christmas morning at someone else’s house, which can be a bit awkward, especially if you don’t know that relative very well, and you end up fighting with them!  

According to this survey, the top things people dread about staying with relatives over the holidays include:

Waking up earlier than you usually do

Standing in line to use the restroom

Talking with relatives you don’t like

re staying with, and I for one have been there, and it was SO uncomfortable!

Just after my husband and I were married, we decided to spend Thanksgiving with my husband’s brother and his wife in Dallas.  Since they weren’t able to be at our wedding just a couple of months earlier, this would be my first time meeting my husband’s brother and wife, so I was really excited, and a bit nervous.

 We started off on the right foot, however, when it came time for us to go to bed in the guest room upstairs, my husband and I forgot our cell phones which were sitting on the kitchen counter downstairs, just around the corner from their bedroom.  What was really horrible about this, is that my husband and I forgot to disengage our cell phone alarms that get us up at the wee hours of 3am, and these alarms were a little different than your usual cell phone alarms, mine actually crows like a rooster, and very LOUD rooster! 

Sure enough, at 3am, my rooster alarm goes off, as does my husband’s loud beeping alarm.  My husband’s brother, who is a very light sleeper, woke up to these crazy alarms blaring at high volume, and couldn’t figure out how to turn them off.  So he stormed upstairs where we were sleeping, busted into our bedroom and said “turn these (%&$*#^@!&!) cell phones off!!! 

He yelled at us for a good 5 minutes in aggravation, and then stormed off and slammed the bedroom door!  My husband thought it was funny; meantime, I’m trying to compose myself, in utter shock from being yelled at from a guy I had only met for the first time only a few hours earlier.

The next day, I was determined to find us a hotel room to stay for the rest of that weekend, but since it was the holidays, all of the hotel rooms were full, so we HAD to stay there with them.  The rest of the trip with horrible!  Even though my husband’s brother apologized to us the next morning, I felt so uncomfortable, and couldn’t wait for our “holiday family vacation” to be over!  

Have you ever stayed in a relative’s house over the holidays, only to get in a fight with them, and still had to stay with them?