The opening of Beech Street has relieved traffic congestion a bit, but it's still no picnic getting to the new Laramie High School.

Janine Jordan, Laramie's city manager, said in an email Tuesday that staff from the city, Wyoming Department of Transportation and the school district continue to monitor and manipulate traffic signals as necessary to improve traffic flow.

"The traffic signal on Grand Avenue has been problematic for vehicles westbound on Grand Avenue attempting to make a left-hand turn onto Boulder Drive," Jordan says in her email. "The signal does not have a left-turn arrow making it very difficult for drivers to get through the intersection."

But, Jordan adds, WYDOT is looking at installing a new signal at the intersection to better accommodate traffic -- though it's not clear when that new signal might go in.

The striping plan for Boulder Drive and Beech Street city staff prepared in early August is expected to be finished next week, according to Jordan.

The plan may be changed based on traffic patterns before it is finalized. Jordan notes that more pedestrians and bicyclists than expected are queuing at Beech Street to cross Boulder. She expects the street to be painted next week.

Public works staff are looking at installing a 'right-turn only' lane leading into the student parking lot as part of the finalized striping plan.

Jordan also notes that police officers continue to monitor traffic in the area and will intervene to direct traffic when there are no other options.

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