The Stanley Cup Playoffs are down to their own final four. The Eastern Conference Finals and Western Conference Finals are taking place this week in the NHL and as that is taking place, there has also been a list released of the best cities for hockey fans. Just because southeast Wyoming doesn't have a professional or college hockey team, don't think we shouldn't have a place on that list.

WalletHub recently released the list of the 'Best Cities for Hockey Fans'. However, in order to qualify to be on the list, your city has to have either a professional hockey team or a collegiate hockey team. Cheyenne has neither of those, which is unfortunate. Therefore, the city did not show up on the list. However, as a hockey fan who has been out to establishments around the Cheyenne area to watch games, there are certainly lots of hockey fans in general, and a LOT of Colorado Avalanche fans.

Seeing as how the majority of the regional fan base in Cheyenne is for the Avs, which of course, are based out of Denver, while up to the north here in Cheyenne, we can take solace in the fact that Denver finished as the 6th best hockey city in America.

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As a die-hard hockey fan myself, I can tell you that being around other hockey fans in Cheyenne, there is a very passionate fan base in the region for the Colorado Avalanche. And I'm not even one of them. I'm from St. Louis originally so I'm a die-hard Blues fan. Yes, I know, you guys swept us in the first round of the playoffs this year, but you guys are also out right now, so let's just end that part of the discussion. That being said, I was in Denver for the first two games of that first-round series and I was pretty impressed with the fans for the Avalanche. Not only were they passionate and competitive, but for the most part, class acts as well. Along with the already passionate Avs fans in Cheyenne that I've gotten to know, the entire region is a big hub for passionate hockey fans.

The only cities finishing ahead of Denver on the list of 'best hockey cities in America' were Boston, Detroit, Pittsburgh, New York, and ha, look at that, St. Louis, all in the top five, just ahead of Denver (nudge, wink, fist bump). The rankings were based on ticket prices, stadium capacity, and the performance level of each city's team.

The point being, this entire western region southeast Wyoming down into Denver is a solid hockey region with, from what I can tell, a pretty cool fan base. Unfortunately, better luck to us all next year while we watch, Vegas, Montreal, Tampa Bay, and the NY Islanders fight it out to see who wins the Cup in 2021.

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