Over the past 12 months, people everywhere have been spending more time at home than they have been used to in the past due to the pandemic. And many have also taken advantage of their time at home by using it to spruce up their homes with some new decor. So what home decor item is the most popular in Wyoming?

Workshopedia recently researched Google trends over the past 12 months to find out what the most searched for home decor item is in each state. If we're having to be in and around the house, we might as well give our home a little extra something, right? It turns out that in Wyoming, we decided that extra something is a bench.

Wyomingites have searched 'benches' the most over the past year. I suppose with more people being around their home, there's always a need for extra seating, right? Wyoming turned out to be the only state with benches as its most popular home decor item.

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The most popular home decor items in the country are rugs as there were seven states that made that their top search. Vase fillers, stools, candles, and baskets each had three states choose them as the most popular home decor item. Wallpaper, trays, string lights, decorative bowls, curtains, coat racks, and bar carts were each chosen by two states each. Personally, I think I would have went with a bar cart if I decided to ever decorate anything, which I don't. But then I'd have a portable bar at my place.

Probably the most bizarre choice for a popular home decor item was New Jersey's umbrella stand. That seems like something that might get in the way or that might get knocked over and then you look like the idiot who knocked over the umbrella stand with everyone's umbrella in it. Of course, there's also North Dakota that picks clocks are their favorite home decor items. The time of day is on your phone which you check like every 30 seconds geniuses. Pick something else.

At least in Wyoming, we're practical with benches. Everyone needs to take a seat every now and then. And sometimes they add a little something extra to the room.

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