Let's take Mr. Peabody's time machine all the way back to the land of the dinosaurs. Close your eyes, what do you see running around in Wyoming? A T-Rex? What about a Raptor? What about that dinosaur that Fred Flintstone worked moving rocks with? Well, I found out that Wyoming has a State Dinosaur by accident earlier. I was reading different headlines and Massachusetts is working on finding a State Dinosaur.

I would normally mock a state for making a State Dinosaur, BUT, Wyoming named a State Dinosaur al the way back in 1994. As far as I can tell, I can't find any reason why they spent the time to figure out what our dinosaur best suited the Cowboy State, but, 1994 was a different time, right? Pre 9/11, we had great sitcoms on TV, Danny Tanner gave us morals, you get the idea.

So what is Wyoming's State Dinosaur? It's a Triceratops. I find this choice fascinating, the only reason I can find that we chose it, came from the website, statesymbolusa.org.

Wyoming designated triceratops as the official state dinosaur in 1994 (Wyoming also has a state fossil, adopted in 1987). All State Dinosaurs & Fossils

One of the largest horned dinosaurs, the iconic Triceratops lived in Wyoming over 65 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period. The fearsome-looking horns and frill were used for defense and display - Triceratops was a vegetarian.

So, we apparently had tons of these guys running around Wyoming back in the Prehistoric era. Cool. I'm a little disappointed it wasn't a more rugged dinosaur, but I guess I'll take it.

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