Pardon my pun, but it seems that eggs in the Cowboy State are more expensive than they are in other states in the country. Though we're not the most expensive, we're kind of in what I'd call the upper middle. But, still, we're very much a livestock state, you'd think we'd get a pass on expensive poultry items. A lot of people are concerned with how much everything has inflated recently, so I'm sure this is part of that whole equation.

The website Zippia dug into see how much eggs cost around the country and it may surprise you where it's more expensive to get your omelet ingredients. They based this off the price in each state's capital's Wal-Mart. So these are clearly Cheyenne eggs. If you're wondering if we're more expensive or less with our neighboring states, we're either exact or a penny off. For a dozen eggs in Wyoming, you'll pay $1.58. Which, I don't buy eggs that often, so I would probably not think anything of it and throw it in my cart.

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But what is surprising with these egg prices, a dozen only costs 42 cents in Illinois. What do they have going on for their cheap eggs? Why? I get they're an agricultural state, but shouldn't we get that sweet price cut, too? I mean, they have Chicago, so you'd think they'd be higher.

You could probably guess who has the most expensive prices for eggs in the country, of course, it's Hawaii. Maybe I should move there and become a poultry farmer? They're paying $4.49 for a dozen eggs!

It's also interesting to think we have similar egg prices with New York state. But, I guess at the end of the day, it's like most things out West, we're just a little more expensive out here.

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