A month ago, my wife and I made a random trip up I-25 and we hit up two breweries. I went through my notes earlier for something other than a beer review and realized, I FORGOT I REVIEWED THIS BEER. Never fear, though, I take great notes when I rate a beer at the brewery. It’s also good, since the beer I chose to review from the other brewery a month ago, was also a Blonde. It all works out perfectly. 

Enter Cowboy State Brewing 

So, if you decide to go to Glenrock to get this beer or any of CSB beers, just a fair warning, it wont look like what you would typically think a normal brewery looks like, there is a liquor store separating the bar area, so from the outside, it’s a little tough to find. Once you find it, though, their beers are fantastic. You can get their beers across the Front Range, we’ve actually gotten their beers from Roxie’s in Laramie several times, which, they are owned by the same person, so it’s their house beer. 

Back to the beer. They make a very solid English Blonde Ale. It’s got a little bit for everyone, it’s not bland like some blonde ales can be, but it’s also not bitter, so don’t let the word “English” scare you off. For the record I love English style beers, so I would have my tune a little different if it was more bitter. It has a really good flavor and a smooth finish.  

Here’s what Cowboy state has to say about it: 

A traditional English Blonde Ale with an extra dose of drink ability. Smooth and refreshing with a clean finish, and all the spirit of a Cowgirl.  


Fun Musings 

I impressed myself looking up info on CSB, I looked at the Wyoming Beer Trail, and I’ve been to 11 breweries in Wyoming since moving here during the Tiger King part of the Pandemic when everything was closed. According to the breweries on this list, we only have about 21 more sites to hit up. Let’s go! 

If you have any beer suggestions for me in the Wyoming area, let me know, I'll try them and review them.

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