In Wyoming, we can have some brutal winters, but there’s one Wyo town that made it on the list of “Worst Winter Weather Cities in the U.S.”

The Farmer’s Almanac came out with a list of “Top Ten Worst Winter Weather Cities,” based on snow amounts, cold temperatures, humidity and, of course, wind.  Some cities that made this 2002 list include:

Detroit MI., where they said that it’s not so much the snow that put the motor city on the list, but rather the lack of sunshine, which makes for a rather long, gloomy winter.

Cleveland, Ohio also made the list, with winds blowing across Lake Erie that causes some snow squalls in parts of the city, where they can get snow accumulations up to 90 inches.  Subzero temperatures were also a major factor where they can be locked into these bone chilling thermal readings for days at a time.

“Frigid” is how the Farmer’s Almanac describes winter in Duluth, MN., and if you’re in Syracuse, NY., you’ll be experiencing a winter that’s downright “cold and clammy.”

Winters in Wyoming not only have snow and cold, we have the wind…LOTS of wind, which can make Cowboy State winters miserable. One city made this list of worst winter cities, and the honor goes to…(drum roll please) Casper, Wyoming! 

Farmer’s Almanac states that at least 181 days of the year, the winter temps in Casper usually range at or below 32 degrees F, and dips down to 22 degrees.  However, since Casper is said to be in the top five windiest cities in the U.S., that can make winters nasty, with winds gusting up to 60mph, causing treacherous conditions, ice, limited visibility, even frostbite.

The Almanac also says last winter was a reprieve from shoveling and high fuel bills, the party is over. According to the 2017 Farmers’ Almanac, “winter is back!”


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