As New Year's weekend approaches for everyone, gas prices continue to drop for Wyoming at a steady pace and despite having a statewide average gas price of nearly 40 cents more than the national average at the end of summer, the Cowboy State is now within a nickel of the national average gas price.

As of today (December 30th), the statewide average gas price in Wyoming is $3.33 per gallon. That price is down from $3.36 just a week ago. A month ago, that average gas price was $3.44, so we've definitely made some small strides since then. The national average gas price also dropped from a week ago when it was $3.30. It is now $3.28 per gallon. Just a month ago, the national average price was $3.39 per gallon. And like Wyoming, the national average has dropped 11 cents.

Unfortunately, last Thursday, in Baytown, TX, at one of the largest refining and petrochemical facilities in the U.S., a fire erupted at the Exxon Mobil Corp refinery. There were four people injured in the fire and the damage that resulted could have a negative effect on gas prices in the long run, although that remains to be seen as we enter 2022. AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross had this to say about it:

We should learn more in the coming days about the extent of the damage to the refinery...If it can be back up and running in a few weeks, the effect could be minimal.  But if repairs take months, consumers could begin seeing higher prices again at the pump.

As for the cheapest local prices, both Laramie County and Albany County are some of the cheapest in all of Wyoming. Laramie County's average gas price per gallon is down to $3.29 while Albany Country is now the cheapest in the state on average at $2.91 per gallon.

Sam's Club on Dell Range and Walmart on Livingston are both at $3.15 per gallon for the cheapest average gas price in Laramie County. Tumbleweed Express in Laramie is the cheapest in Albany County at $2.69 per gallon while Maverik, Kum & Go, and Safeway all on 3rd Street are at $2.88 per gallon.

In our region, we're sitting alright for now in terms of the national gas price issue, Wyoming. Fill up while you can before the holiday weekend and Happy New Year!

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