With the Memorial Day Weekend unofficially kicking off the summer travel season, the good news is that gas is almost $.40 a gallon less than it was a year ago. The good news/bad news, for an energy state such as Wyoming, is that over the last week, prices at the pump are up almost $.08 a gallon for regular gasoline.

Will those tourist dollars still roll in with gas on the rise? At an average of $2.23 per gallon in the Cowboy State, people need to budget for fuel and that can trim your/their time spent or miles traveled pretty quickly.

cars.costhelper.com says "Class C motor homes average 10 mpg with fuel tanks holding 25-55 gallons; at $2.50-$4 a gallon, a fill-up could cost $60-$220 and last for 250-550 miles." Traveling between Cheyenne and Yellowstone is 442 miles, between Casper and Yellowstone is 266 miles. These are miles that are getting more expensive. And if you are feeding diesel engine, those prices are rising as well.

GasBuddy.com shows the lowest gas price in Cheyenne is at Sams on Dell Range, at $2.09 for regular. If you want to spend the most, rob the kid's college fund and shell out $2.59 a gallon at the Diamond Shamrock. Are they using gas from distilled mink oil?

In Casper, the cash price at Ridley’s Family Market is $2.12 per gallon, while The Flying J will pump your wallet for $2.49 a gallon, in case there’s someone you need to impress.

Remember the reason for the weekend, take a moment at the very least, to honor those who fell while giving us our freedom.

Travel safe and buckle up, the police and troopers are looking for those who do not.

Oh, you've got to have a great song to hit the road with. Chris Knight rips it up with my favorite out of the gate song for a road trip with Highway Junkie.

And if you like that, here's the perfect companion piece, that comes with a warning. Don't let it lull you into pressing too hard on the accelerator. This is a Sawyer Brown version of Six Days On The Road that rocks.

Sorry I couldn't find the extended version for you....

Be safe!

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