Miranda Lambert was reportedly caught throwing a salad on a woman at a steakhouse in Nashville. Miranda will be in town on July 24th to perform at CFD 2019 on Cheyenne Day. Here are five foods Lambert could launch if she gets hangry at the Daddy of 'Em All.

1. Funnel Cakes- These will be good for long distance throws into the upper deck of the arena.

2. Corn Dogs- Good for short distance throws, for people, acting up in the party zone.

3. Spiral Spuds- These cover a wide area and are good for large groups of people.  Especially if you put ketchup on them, things could get messy.

4. Turkey Leg- This is for when fans who get too rowdy and Miranda needs to knock some sense in them.

5.Rattlesnake Brats- Perfect for when Miranda needs to take a bite out of the action.

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