In the headlines on my news feed, I almost passed right by “First 90 Kangaroos Released In Wyoming” (in Dubois). Wait, did that say Kangaroos? Well, I just had to click on that.

As I started to read this report from, mentioning “The Wyoming Wild Game Department…” my thinking was that I knew all about the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, but I never heard of a Wyoming Wild Game Department. Then it dawned on me this story was posted on April 1st. I kept reading, waiting for two words to drop, “April Fools.” It’s just that I never saw that anywhere in the story.

I really thought it was clever how it continued on about “’Project Sage Hopper.” I almost laughed when I saw difficulties the project supposedly faced, such as, “international permitting … a huge hassle.”  Ha Ha!  I bet it was.

Still, County 10 continued to the end with no mention of this being a little prank. I thought the closest thing to an admission was this, “A short-list for future proposed introductions include the koala, wallaby and the endangered Tasmanian Devil.” Oh for the love of … come on now!

It's really not true, is it? Tell me it's not true.

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