The Board of Trustees for Albany County School District #1 voted to approve the revised COVID-19 Mitigation Plan, which includes universal masking in K-12 facilities, through Friday, October 15.

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This was done during the board's regular meeting on September 8.

 This mask requirement acts as an extension of the requirement already in place in all K-12 facilities. The October 15 deadline is the first Friday that follows the next Board of Trustees Regular Meeting.

The purpose of the mask requirement is to help ensure students remain in school.

In addition to the Oct. 15 date, the Board will also revisit the mask requirement if one of two metrics are met.

  • The first is if the county vaccination rate is at least 70%.
  • The second is if the Wyoming Department of Health lists Albany County in its Yellow Zone (Moderate Transmission Level) for a continuous three-week period.

The District will continue to practice social distancing as much as possible, utilize increased ventilation, and promote handwashing in schools to help stop the spread of the virus.

The District will be able to provide students with masks if they forget one, or if their mask gets dirty during the day.


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