Andy Velo's "Shade Tree" is country-with-a-capital-C. The singer is premiering the new song exclusively with The Boot; press play below to listen.

Velo summarizes "Shade Tree" as "fun, simple and straight two minutes and 39 seconds of country music," and, well, he's right. The upbeat, traditional-leaning love song is unpretentious and full of fiddle and steel guitar; its protagonist is enjoying a little time with his love under a leafy tree, and he's "fallin' just like the leaves."

"I cannot stress this statement enough: I love '90s country," Velo tells The Boot. "This song is everything I grew up to love about the country genre. "Shade Tree" really is the infectious song I have always dreamed of being able to bring to life.

"We took this in Shannon Forrest’s studio, and what resulted was something I feel was nothing short of incredible," he adds. "We created something that, to me, is almost like early Kenny Chesney meets with Shenandoah or Little Texas."

"Shade Tree" is due out widely on Friday (April 23). It's the second single -- following "Whiskysippi," released in the fall -- from a forthcoming new record from Velo. Throughout 2020, he worked with Jimmy Ritchey on his new music.

A Suwannee, Ga., native, Velo has been working at a career in country music since he was a pre-teen. He hit the road with Corey Smith just after high school, and moved to Nashville full-time in 2012.

Velo released his debut EP in 2012, and a second EP in 2014. His newest full-length album is North Georgia Pines.

Listen to Andy Velo's "Shade Tree":

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