Renters throughout the U.S. haven't been having the easiest of times over the course of the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic put housing in the forefront as several renters saw that they weren't able to make their monthly payments due to not being able to work, as a result. Some renters had more unfortunate circumstances to deal with than others across the country and had to face eviction. So how is it for renters in Wyoming? Are they also at high risk?

As the pandemic took its toll on the nation, there was something called 'The Household Pulse Survey' that was passed around in order to gauge just how much damage was being done by the pandemic era. According to Wall St. 24/7, the survey takes into account issues such as housing, food security, working from home, employment, health, and spending. In fact, a questions that was asked to renters on the survey was: "How likely is it that your household will have to leave this home or apartment within the next two months because of eviction?"

As a result, Wyoming finished pretty high on the list. It was one of the higher percentage of renters in the nation that has renters that are very likely to be evicted in the next two months. However, a few of our bordering states finished even higher than the Cowboy State did. For instance, Montana finished 2nd overall with 30.1 percent of renters that are very likely to be evicted soon. South Dakota was 7th overall at 24.1 percent, and Utah was 10th at 20.2 percent. So where is Wyoming if they were so high on the list?

Just a couple spots lower, Wyoming finished 12th overall:

> Renters very likely to be evicted in two months: 19.6%
> Renters three or more months behind on rent: 42.6% (6th most)
> Renters receiving state or local gov’t rental assistance: 8.0% (25th most)
> January 2022 unemployment rate: 3.8% (24th lowest)

Despite have one of the lower costs of living for any state, Wyoming is relatively at high risk for being evicted. You can check out the full list of states by clicking here.

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