If you happen to be a renter for your home, there's a lot worse places in the U.S. that you could be in than Cheyenne. While it tends to depend on what market your in when it comes to renting vs. being a home owner, renting looks to be a pretty good option in southeast Wyoming.

Rental prices are on the rise nationwide since the end of 2020, but the renting market and affordability of it for those in Cheyenne is one of the best in all of the country. For its overall ranking amongst big cities throughout the U.S. that are the best cities for renters, Cheyenne is 28th overall. Given that there were over 180 cities ranked on the list, that's a pretty solid showing by our capitol city.

As mentioned, Cheyenne has a top ranking in the category of 'renting market and affordability' as it was 16th in the country in that aspect. However, when weighed against the fact that it's 101st in 'quality of life', that balanced into the top 30 ranking. Cheyenne also has the top rent-to-price ratio of any city in the U.S.

Cheyenne wasn't the only Wyoming city in the top 30. Casper also showed up a couple of spots ahead of Cheyenne in the 26th spot overall on the list of best cities for renters. They finished 6th in 'renting market and affordability' but just 142nd in 'quality of life'.

The Midwest cornered the market on the top five best cities for renters as Sioux Falls, SD finished at the top of the list, followed by Cedar Rapids, IA, Overland Park, KS, Fargo, ND, and then Lincoln, NE. I've actually lived in Fargo, ND before and I can definitely assure you, they belong as one of the top cities for renters. Their rent is cheap, especially for what you are getting for what you pay for and their quality of life is pretty solid there. I've seen it firsthand.

In finishing in the top 30, Cheyenne ranked ahead cities such as Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, and San Diego. So yes, not a bad showing, Cheyenne!

To check out where all other cities on the list finished, check out the map below.

Source: WalletHub

The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Cheyenne

Cheyenne, like any city, is made up of many different neighborhoods. While none of them are as famous as SoHo in New York City or Five Points in Denver, Wyoming's capital city has about 20 neighborhoods that its nearly 65 thousand residents live in.

Neighborhood Scout scoured the information on the Chey-town neighborhoods that make up the 32.37 square miles of the city to find where the most expensive places are to live. We're talking about real estate here, not the price of milk or anything. That kind of stuff is pretty uniform across the city.

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