Look at this monstrosity of the internet. Everyone used to have one of these tacky but charming Big Mouth Billy Bass toys, either hanging on their man cave wall, in the garage, or on the wall of your favorite bar. In my family, we had a Christmas version with a Santa Hat that sang Christmas carols and we would put it on the mantle every December.

But now, with the age of smartphones and smart devices, are they becoming dated? We have a solution. A genius on the internet put his skills to work in creating the most unsettling but still awesome hybrid of the classic fish with the capabilities of our favorite digital assistant. Check out the video below of a Big Mouth Billy Bass combined with an Amazon Alexa device.

It gets better. I found an instructable for how to make one. There are also rumors flying around the internet that the makers of the infamous singing fish will one day have a bluetooth enabled version that can be paired with any device - including Alexa. I wasn't able to find one online though, so who knows if it'll actually happen.

If you are more technologically capable than I am, make one of these because it's the greatest thing I've ever seen and I want one. Now.

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