Part of a TV show was filmed at Cheyenne Regional Airport. Well isn't that nice? Actually, it would be nice, if it was really filmed here. It was not. In fact, it wasn't anywhere in Cheyenne.

Our friends over at Cheyenne Regional Airport exposed the television shot as a ruse. Of course, no one is surprised it wasn't really our airport. Cheyenne Regional Airport Facebook has a little fun on behalf of ABC TV, referring to a "Cheyenne Regional Airport wannabe." They did try to solicit ABC on stopping by next time they need the Cheyenne Regional Airport. No word yet on the success.

Did the production budget of The Good Doctor get off cheaper by not filming here? Most likely. Why else would there be signs reading, "Cheyenne Regional Airport," at some place that isn't Cheyenne Regional Airport?

Well, at least it also has our state flag as well. Actually, they did a pretty decent job all things considered. Compare the two airport images below and see what you think.

The Real Cheyenne Regional Airport

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