In the weekly email I get from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, a number was added in there that tells how many pets they helped find homes for, that number was 58, in one week. That's an awesome turn around, with the shelter doing all the leg work for the promotion they had last week with Bissell. It was so successful that we have a slightly different Pets Of The Week post this week. It won't just be "big ole woofers" and "fine felines". Just wait for the late addition below.

Let's start off with those Big Ole Woofers


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Ghost is nine year old Dalmatian mix breed, just looking for a couch to crash on for his remaining years. Dalmatians are super protective and loyal if that's what you're looking for.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Someone adopt this sweet girl! She's been on our list for too long and is so cute! Pinky is a five year old mix breed. She's also ready to be your best friend.

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Now, let's take a look at those Fine Felines


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Ollie is a three year old male and somehow, he has the best glamor shot of any of the Pets Of The Week, probably ever.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Nim is a seven year old female that is relaxing and waiting for you to come adopt her.


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Trixie is a seven year old female that knows you have a screen door that you open when it warms up that puts a nice sunny patch on the floor. She wants that sunny patch, and probably, you.

Now On To Our Feathery Friend(had to go with something new here).


Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter

Waddles is a nine month old male duck. He wont quack a lot, probably. Or do any weird Howard The Duck stuff. He's just looking for that rural home to hang out in, especially if there's a pond or something. Ducks love that stuff.

If you're interested in any of these Pets Of The Week, contact the Cheyenne Animal Shelter. 


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