It's really been a coin toss on whether or not a festival is going to go through with their festivities in 2021. Some, like Cheyenne Frontier Days, or last weekend's Hispanic Festival, just went for it, pedal down. While others aren't as confident in moving forward. Which of these are the correct moves in 2021? Who knows at this point. Safety is always a huge concern, so you really can't blame anyone for not wanting to pull the trigger, while, we're also in a position to think, well, we can't live in fear forever. Again, neither of these views are necessarily wrong, it's never fun being in the position to have to make these decisions.

The Cheyenne Greek Festival, which would normally be in September, announced recently that they wouldn't be holding the festival due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

Here's their statement from a Facebook post.

As sad as we are that the pandemic really hindered our ability to host our annual Cheyenne Greek Festival this year, we truly look forward to seeing you all back again for the Cheyenne Greek Festival 2022! We want to thank everyone for the continued support over the years and cannot wait to bring you the best of Greek food and entertainment again!
In the mean time, keep an eye on our social media for some special announcements in the coming months!
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Let's hope that things start to calm down more in 2022, so we're able to bring back all the events that we've been missing out on for the past year and a half plus. It's a bummer they had to cancel again this year, but 2022 is sure to be a great time.

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