Fittingly, today was Earth Day. It just so happens that Cheyenne was selected as Insurify's 'Greenest City in Wyoming' for 2021.

From the inception of Earth Day in 1970, the hope has been to educate, diversify, and activate the environmental movement on a global scale. Each city and town has their own duty to do their part in creating more eco-friendly communities by partaking in everyday habits such as recycling and composting. Actively doing so in the community helps everyone within that community to ensure a sustainable future. It seems that we have done just that in Cheyenne to earn such an esteemed recognition and accolades.

In identifying each state's greenest city, data was obtained to score factors such as air quality, hybrid and electrical vehicle prevalence, driving rates, and a commitment to renewable energy as displayed by city officials.

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Given that the average commute to work in Cheyenne is shorter than any city in the country, it should not be much of a surprise that things such as driving rates and air quality might be relatively scored pretty well for our capital city. Not only that, but you might notice, especially if you have taken an Uber or Lyft anywhere in the city, that there is a decent amount of hybrid and electrical cars throughout Cheyenne. I think certainly per capita, there is definitely a decent percentage of drivers that have those in and around the city.

So congrats on doing your part to help the environment by being the 'Greenest City in Wyoming', Cheyenne! And also, Happy Earth Day!

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