You love to see stories like these, where people that work really hard in the community to make it a better place, get national recognition. Especially when they're doing it for the sake of being a good person and not hunting down awards. Though, you could say that there's a place for the latter.

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Bryan Pedersen of the Pedersen Investment Group was recently awarded the Global Citizen Award from RBC Wealth Management. The award recognizes employees that "create positive social change through their actions, consistently making a difference in their communities and workplaces". According to the press release of the announcement, Pedersen has quite the resume to make him stand out.

  • Bought new cleats for a high school soccer team
  • Pays lunch balances at local junior highs and high schools
  • Facilitated the donation of 10,000 face masks from China
  • Organizes a cultural celebration every year

That's a pretty good resume. The award was both warranted and well deserved for Pedersen as he has done so much good in the community. That's one of the great parts of living in Cheyenne, there are a lot of people that really care about this community and want to pitch in and help make it a better place for everyone. There are so many organizations that need help and a lot of people in our community don't mind rolling up their sleeves.

We should all strive to have the mentality to not just say, do. Actions speak louder than words. What a well-deserved acknowledgment.

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